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About me and muddypaws (2)


I usually take up to four dogs at a time although I do also take dogs on an individual basis if needed.


I prefer to take the dogs walking in locations away from roads, on the beach, woodland, fields and parks. Some examples of where I go are West Kirby and Wallasey beaches, Royden Park, Thurstason, Arrowe Park,  Storeton Woods, Mayer Park (Bebington), River Park (Eastham), Parkgate, Bidston Hill to name a few.


I mainly allow the dogs off the lead with the owner’s permission and when I am happy the dogs will respond to recall and are under control as most dogs are happier with the freedom, although I do keep some dogs on-lead for various reasons.


Most of my walks are an hour in duration, although the first dog I collect maybe with me for two hours or longer by the time we’ve collected a few others and dropped them off home. On request I do also cater for half hour walks for very young or elderly dogs for example.


On request I also wipe wet dogs down after the walk if it’s raining, feed and check/refresh drinking water as required.


I also do puppy sitting, and can let your puppy out to do its business, play with him/her and take them for a short walk as necessary.


I am fully insured having third party liability insurance up to one million pounds.


I have checkable references that are available on request.


I have a certificate in dog first aid after attending a full day course, and I carry a first aid kit in the car.


I offer a free, no-obligation ‘meet and greet’ where I can meet you and your dog to discuss your requirements in detail.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or would like to book a free ‘meet and greet’ appointment. If you phone and there is no answer please leave a message and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


My Kindest Regards,







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