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We care about your dog

About me and muddypaws


Hi, I’m Simon and I’ve always wanted to work with dogs, and my opportunity came a while ago after I was made redundant from the NHS.


I could have got another job at another NHS Trust but decided I didn’t want to, to follow my heart and do what I’ve always dreamed of: I haven’t looked back and love what I do now.


I have over eight years experience caring for, handling, and walking dogs in my dog walking business, and many more doing the same for family and friends’ dogs. I have also been a volunteer dog walker for the RSPCA.


I offer a safe, friendly and reliable dog walking service across the Wirral.


There are various reasons why people use my service: owners are out at work all day, on holiday, are ill or infirm either temporarily or longer term, or simply haven’t the time to walk their dog(s).


From my experience I know there are many benefits for your dog having a walk during the day, such as exercise and the health benefits that gives, such as keeping weight down and lowered risk of heart disease, companionship being with me and the other dogs, stimulation and socialisation both for young dogs getting them used to meeting other dogs, and older ones who may not be used to other dogs company.


Dogs enjoy their time with me for different reasons: some love travelling in the car while I collect their ‘friends’ to take them to a suitable walking location. Some just love burning up energy running around at high speed, others prefer to plod along and take in the scenery, but all just love being outside and smelling the hundreds of smells that we humans cannot smell! Some are quite happy to walk along by themselves and others just love to play and run with the other dogs and meet new dogs and people on the walk. My aim with all the dogs I take out is to make sure they have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe and dog friendly environment.


A lot of my clients prefer to use a dog walker rather than leave their dog in doggy day care because their dog is much happier in its own home, looking forward to me coming, having a great time with me, and then having a rest/sleep before you return home.


I do one-off walks, occasional walks, and regular ones, both the same days each week or different ones.


I can do pre-planned walks or am available at very short notice to those clients who work shifts and are called into work at short notice, for example.


I am experienced with all sorts of breeds, sizes, temperaments, and ages, from a miniature dachshund to a very large English mastiff, from quite shy, timid and low energy dogs to lively outgoing and high energy ones, from very young puppies to elderly dogs. I understand the needs of the different types of dogs and cater for them accordingly.